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drug and alcohol addiction intervention
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Drug and Alcohol Abuse Intervention

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (2003), around 36% of the Mississippi population (aged 12 or older) reported the past month use of alcohol. This is one of the lowest figures in the country. Around 15% of the people in the age group of 12-17 years and more than 50% in the age group of 18-25 years reported using alcohol past month. Among the people of 26 years or older the rate is around 36%.

In the survey, around 20% of the of the Mississippi people showed binge alcohol use and approximately 50% reported perceptions of great risk of having five or more drinks of an alcoholic beverage once or twice a week. In the age group of 12-17, past month binge alcohol use is around 9%. In the state, 6.46% of the total population showed alcohol dependence or abuse in past year.

Drug Abuse

For law enforcement as well as communities in Mississippi, cocaine is the most problematic illicit drug. Heroin abuse is uncommon in the state. The production and distribution of methamphetamine is one of the fastest growing drug problems. Crystalline form of methamphetamine, known as "ice", "glass", or "crystal," is gaining in popularity in the state. Marijuana is sold and used by people from all walks of life in Mississippi.

MDMA has become the most prevalent and popular club drug in Mississippi. GHB, Rohypnol and ketamine are not currently known to be widely used or popular. Individuals from all racial and socio-economic groups are abusing illegally diverted prescription drugs. Popular pharmaceuticals that are abused include OxyContin, Xanax, Valium, Vicodin, Dilaudid, and Lortab.

According to the National Household Survey on Drug Abuse (2001), around 1.49% of Mississippi citizens reported their past year addiction on illicit drugs. Among Mississippi high school students surveyed during 2003, 38.7% reported using marijuana at least once during their lifetimes and around 4.4% of Mississippi high school students surveyed in 2003, reported using marijuana on school property within the past month.

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