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Addiction Intervention

Conducting an Intervention

Why Intervene?

It's important that the people closest to the addict understand that he or she may have suffered or is suffering from a traumatic experience due to the drug and alcohol abuse. The addict more than likely has lost family members and friends due to their addiction. It's obvious to family and friends that the addict needs to seek addiction treatment as they are capable to think clearly. The addict's judgment is clouded due to their substance of abuse making it tough for them to see or think clearly.

Family and friends should pinpoint significant problems that the addict faces and use them as leverage to prompt drug and alcohol rehab. Whether it is alcoholism or drug abuse, the addict needs help and support to win over his or her addiction.

The key is to find without doubt, that specific item which the addict holds dearest to his or her heart and use that to push them into a decision to seek treatment. True, the addict may use it to get rid of his current suffering yet it is still a fact that an addict will only seek addiction intervention when something or someone pushes him or her out of their comfort zone.

Who Intervenes?

Who is present at the drug and alcohol intervention is of more importance than the number of people present. More important is the person the addict respects the most, and whose opinions are highly regarded by the addict. It is this person whose support will be invaluable to the addict while pursuing substance abuse help to do away with their addiction. This person will play a vital role in the addict's recovery and they would be the one to inform the abuser of the actual agenda.

Once everyone agrees that the addict needs help and are supportive of the agenda, all of them can be part of the intervention support group. It must be emphasized to the addict that their family loves and cherishes them. Short tempered, aggressive individuals who can't resist an argument will help the addict more by not attending the intervention.

It is possible that the addict will have put off or been sarcastic to most of their friends and family at some time or other. There is no doubt that, he or she will have as many enemies within their family as without. However, arguments will not help or encourage the addict to seek addiction treatment. Instead, it brings the intervention to a halt as attention will shift from helping the addict to focusing on the argument.

Though advisable, the presence of a professional substance abuse intervention counselor is not a necessity. The presence of pending legal issues, complete denial of any drug usage, external pressures are all concerns that must be strongly considered.

Without worry of any sort, the addict must realize that their substance abuse problem is all out in the open and admit that he or she is there to find help and treatment. Other problems and troubles must not sidetrack the main issue. The family must prepare to help the addict with his or her alcoholism or drug abuse.

The people who can intervene on behalf of the abuser can either be family, friends, co-workers, loved ones and anyone that has an important relationship with the individual. The support group needs to strengthen and motivate the addict into pursuing a drug or alcohol rehab. Embarrassing and degrading the addict is not the proper or best way to do this.

Drug Abuse Intervention

When to Intervene?

The timing of a drug or alcohol intervention depends more on the events in the addict's life more than with the family schedule. Your best opportunity to intervene for a loved one is just after a major episode like when the abuser has been trapped in the after-effects of their addiction. When caught in a crucial situation or when the addict shows signs of repentance or guilt is another good time to intervene and have an intervention.

By postponing an alcoholism or drug treatment indefinitely, we are playing with the addicts' life. Though it is more effective when the addict is suffering a particularly difficult back lash of his or her addiction, an addict's life cannot be risked by postponing an addiction intervention forever.

Even in the absence of such trying situations, interventions can be successful if the family and addict are in close proximity so that every state of affairs is known. A major roller coaster, the addict's life and its major problems cannot be hidden from close loved ones.

Another major consideration is that the sobriety of the addict during intervention. Attempting any sort of intervention while the addict is on a high will not be productive because the addict is unable to see his or her problems and will be inattentive.

A timely and well planned intervention is needed as the addict is unstable and so opportunities for drug or alcohol rehab programs will be quite frequent. The addiction intervention must be held with clear concern, unwavering objective and manner. There is no need to sympathize with the addict as sympathy is a form of concurrence and may back fire by justifying the addiction.

What Is An Intervention?

Basically, addiction intervention is the step that comes before a person enters the recovery program. A loving get-together, and drug or alcohol intervention is about letting the addict realize-that the problems hounding him or her are due to their habit, and the ill effects on his family.

Just the fact that all of his or her loved ones have gathered with one purpose and feeling much they are loved will be enough to make most substance abusers realize the need for him or her to get into recovery.

Once the addict recognizes that their family and friends care about them and want them to get better, he or she has taken the first step to realizing his or her self-worth. The addict has to realize that they have so many people that love them for who they are and that makes them the luckiest person in the world.

The addict must recognize the fact that he or she has an addiction. It is usually some sort of crisis, a car accident, or a DUI, or even a complete memory loss for days that lead to family and friends talking to the addict about seeking alcoholism or drug treatment.

Having a trained professional counselor work with the family and the abuser together often guarantees that the abuser will confess to wanting to go for drug or alcohol treatment.

An iron hand in a velvet glove, an addiction intervention is an offer of help that comes with the clout of love behind it. Being firm makes all the difference as the addict knows the limits that have been set. The addict has to realize that no matter what the family still loves him or her in spite of it and feels he or she deserves help.

Being the only thing the addict has left, they will no longer continue putting up with his or her behavior. This illness that has overtaken the substance abuser affects the family too. They too have a problem-a substance abuse habit. Their loved one who is abusing a substance becomes their "drug habit".

They are thus susceptible to nervous conditions as the addict is their first thought when they wake up and their last thought before falling asleep. The family too is thus a part of this intervention. They have to commit to getting their loved one into the nearest and most effective drug or alcohol rehab center.

Interventions are grounded in the fact that the lack of support from loved ones is unbearable for long. Merely the question of the right support, alcohol or drug intervention puts a stop to continued unhealthy behavior and active addiction.

Protection or shielding reality is not the support an addict needs. A negative support system for the addict allows addiction to progress secretively and in privacy. Addiction Intervention on the other hand creates a support system that allows the individual to grow and change positively.

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